An OTT solution
that will grow
your bottom line,
from Day One

Providing value to subscribers
Delivering monetization to CSPs


the radyoos solution

It’s Revenue Time!
You bring the subscribers. We bring the solution.
Let the monetization begin!
OTT Experts

Providing the content users want via our 27K+ partners

Network Professionals

We handle 750M DB transactions daily, and growing


Proven revenue generators - working for you

How It Works

Analyze Actions

Our analytics engine tracks and analyzes subscribers’ online behavior and activities

Predict Behavior

We use past choices to predict the content subscribers will best respond to in real time

Allocate Content

We provide subscribers with personalized content and appealing shopping specials


We get the subscriber + content + offers combination right, paving the way to purchase

Over 30M Unique Users
Over 27K Content
& E-Commerce
Over 20M$ Shopping Monthly
  420K Orders Monthly
End-to-End, fully-managed,
revenue-generating solution