Solution Overview

Monetization: Why and How

As telecom operators well know, revenue from voice is down and traffic from data, shopping, and media consumption is way up. Unfortunately, since it is already bundled into subscribers’ flat monthly fee, this latter activity does not produce new revenue.

As a result, CSPs are faced with the challenge of providing ever more leading-edge and fault-free services. Yet, they now receive proportionately less revenue they can invest back into infrastructure in order to meet growing subscriber demands.

Radyoos offers a proven solution - an OTT (over-the-top) solution for CSPs that leverages and monetizes the online activities that subscribers already engage in. The solution’s underlying premise is simplicity itself, while the technology behind it is cutting edge.

Radyoos’s hassle-free solution - an end-to-end, fully managed, supported and maintained solution. It removes headache from the equation and results in net benefits for CSPs - new revenue streams and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Radyoos’s monetization solution currently serves more than 30 million unique users, processes and tracks 420,000 orders monthly, and is responsible for generating $20M worth of purchases monthly.

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Monetization Solution

Recognizing that CSPs have access to a great deal of knowledge / data about their subscribers’ online behavior and activities, Radyoos has made this asset a core component of its solution. What’s more, subscriber activity demonstrates that most often, mobile usage consists of shopping, browsing, downloads, accessing content, etc. So, to intensify subscriber satisfaction and experience, Radyoos has partnered with more than 27,000
and content providers from where the solution can pick, choose, and curate the best content and offers to direct to subscribers. This is another core component of the solution.

How do these two core components mesh so that revenue results?

  • Radyoos’s behavior analytics engine starts crunching the big data emerging from the online actions taken by subscribers. The engine learns about their preferences, purchases, and interests.

  • Then, predictions about behavior are made based on subscribers’ choices and interests. Spot-on predictions enable the solution to provide users with the kind of personalized content they will enjoy and respond to.

  • With knowledge and predictions at hand, Radyoos’s solution serves up content, goods and services that will garner the most interest and action from subscribers. The customized content for subscribers comes in a variety of forms – it could be cashback on purchases, special offers, discounts, or other benefits (read more below).

  • Radyoos’s solution gets at the essence of what its millions of subscribers want and consistently presents them with the most appealing and timely offers of goods, services and content from our 27k+ providers. Getting the mix right creates experiences subscribers enjoy and leads to monetization.

Analytics & Personalization Engine

Our behavioral analytics engine enables CSPs to automatically identify revenue opportunities, and provide subscribers with relevant content recommendations, all in real time and in context.

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An additional advantage for CSPs is that they brand the Radyoos solution as their own, and through an admin interface, can tailor their offerings to suit their subscribers.

CSPs have full control over the solution’s services and can manage their visibility, functionality and frequency. They can further engage, market and upsell their own packages and offerings, personalized to each subscriber. CSPs can also access daily traffic and revenue information, in real time, as well as analyses of usage trends.

Business model: The elegance and effectiveness of the solution lies in the value it has for all three parties involved - the CSP, content partners, and subscribers - increasing the motivation for its use.
Read more about subscriber benefits below.

How do CSPs earn? Radyoos’s e-commerce and content partners pay CSPs a share of all purchases originating through the solution.

Implementation: Installation is carried out by Radyoos’s expert network engineers. As soon as installation is complete, the solution is live, and CSPs start generating new revenue streams from Day One!


Subscribers love taking advantage of the opportunities Radyoos’s solution for CSPs brings them, not only because they’re presented with great customized content but also because the benefits they reap land directly in their wallets!

Here’s how it works:

When browsing, Radyoos enriches the subscriber experience, powering access to useful and valuable services:

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The CASHBACK application is great for online shoppers large and small because no matter how much they spend, they’re entitled to money back. The CASHBACK percentage received from our 27,000+ member-shops varies. Each site decides on its own rate.
CASHBACK is also valid when taking advantage of sales, coupons, or other special offers.

CASHBACK is easy to use. When users arrive at a content partner’s site, an icon appears. Clicking on it informs the user of all the offers available and how much CASHBACK can be earned by shopping on the site.

CASHBACK funds are automatically added to the user’s account when they’re done shopping. One account exists into which all CASHBACK funds earned is deposited.

Retrieving CASHBACK funds is simple. When subscribers wish to withdraw the funds, they simply make a request via their account for the funds to be transferred.

CSPs benefit too by receiving a share of the revenue from content and commerce partners on all purchases originating through the solution.

App Marketplace

Radyoos’s solution presents subscribers with thousands of useful and fun apps that they can download.

How do users find the apps that fit their interests and needs?

App recommendations come directly to the subscriber. The solution presents subscribers with personalized, customized groups of apps. The great advantage of this is that it saves them the hassle of sifting through more and more apps to find what they want and need. In addition, because new apps are being developed all the time, the solution brings users the latest apps once they become available, providing them with more benefits sooner.

Downloading apps using the App Marketplace follows standard procedure, as does installation.

Not only subscribers benefit by downloading apps. CSPs do too. They share the revenue for each app downloaded.

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Special Offers
Special Offers

Special Offers

Special Offers is a dedicated service through which the CSPs inform subscribers about important things like how to save on monthly bills, news about special plans that can cut expenses, suggestions for how to better and more efficiently use their phone, etc. Through Special Offers, CSPs can offer users coupons for shopping or discounts on events, and so on.