Technology overview

Radyoos offers CSPs an innovative and proven OTT (over-the-top) monetization solution. The solution runs on a robust, high-performance and telco-grade platform, managing multiple end-user services and nearly a billion daily user transactions.

The Radyoos monetization solution is fully managed, end-to-end:

  • From the content to the subscriber: including interfaces to multiple content sources, advanced content management, allocation and presentation - choosing best-fit offers for each subscriber, billing and reconciliation, and much more

  • Design and delivery: Radyoos works with its CSP partners to optimize the solution for their needs and carries out integration and delivery. Leveraging its relations with Radware, the Radyoos solution utilizes Radware’s best in class network technology supporting high availability and over 100 Gbps throughput

  • Day to day operations: Radyoos manages the monetization services’ ongoing operations - content updates, partner relations, billing, reporting, and more - generating new revenue streams for the CSPs and keeping them hassle-free

Radyoos’s monetization solution implements an advanced yield-optimization engine. Combining cutting-edge big data and behavioral analysis technologies with a broad choice of content offerings, the engine decides, in real time, which offer to present to each user at any given time and context, to provide the best results and optimize revenue generation. Some of the technologies we use are:

  • Advanced profiling: multi-dimensional customer profile using historical, behavioral and real-time analysis as well as data provided by the CSP (CRM data, location, and more…)

  • Prediction: scoring and analysis of past personal and peer responses to predict future response probabilities to the available content

  • Automatic social recommendations: analysis of peer similarities and behavior analysis for recommendation scoring Real-time trends: analysis of recent trends to identify and predict high-relevance content and offers

  • Long-term trends: analysis of trends over long periods of time to identify changes and updates in personal interests and preferences

The Radyoos monetization solution provides a rich array of content and services – from
e-commerce-centric services such as cashback and price comparison, to personalized content recommendations and information, and much more. In addition, Radyoos provides an open API which enables quick and seamless integration of new content and services, and with the CSP’s 3rd party partners. Acting as the “master” content server, the Radyoos backend platform manages its own content, offers and ads, as well as 3rd party servers, to encompass the richest offerings available and provide each user with the most relevant content for their needs and interests. Similarly, using the Radyoos API, the monetization solution can be integrated with the CSP’s backend systems (such as CRM, billing, location services, etc.) to provide broader choices for analytics, targeting and subscriber engagement.

How Does It Work?

A new or already existing service-integration unit, installed on the network, enriches browsing
with monetization content

The Radyoos monetization solution is built with utmost concern for the CSP’s and
subscribers’ data privacy. Implementing a variety of security protocols and technologies,
we ensure the safety and integrity of personal data.